I found V’s sex very hard to pinpoint

I found V’s sex very hard to pinpoint

He basically treats very representative in a different way and it is tough to give whether it is merely platonic or whether discover an attraction indeed there. However, At long last selected my personal opinion. I do believe V was bicurious. I do not believe he is completely straight because of the at the rear of-the-scenes footage which ultimately shows V is simply some unlock which will be more friendly along with other players; but I can’t believe he’s fully gay. I’m afraid which dysfunction is fairly brief however, I actually is actually lost having terms and conditions, he is a mystical boy.

Ok thus i features other two solutions like I did which have V and you can Suga. The original becoming Jungkook is totally straight, completely a women’s kid. Solution a couple is bicurious. My personal prevalent trust would be the fact Jungkook are straight. That is for a number of grounds, number one getting their upright manliness complex. This is simply not once the he or she is homophobic, but it is as he’s become a mature man, he is turned into out of lovely Kookie in order to a xxx Jeon Jungkook you to wants to search due to the fact masculine and you can horny you could. In my opinion it’s a hormone situation, I’m not sure. Anyway, let us disperse to my next theory. Jungkook I feel may a small suffocated because of the babying and you may fanservice he get away from certain participants *coughing cough* Jimin! However, the guy still seems an interest to just one, or even one or two people. In conclusion; straight however, attracted to personal male(s).

You may not keeps seen but doing things being typically extremely gay can make Jungkook feel just like their maleness is being torn to help you shreds

Jimin ‘s the just member I’m able to certainly say was homosexual, no matter about it. You’ll find sooo multiple reasons as to the reasons I believe that it, so I shall only condition a number of them. Okay why don’t we get a scenario, when Jimin found Tony inside…I am neglecting the name, Hustle Lifestyle? Jimin instantaneously warmed in order to his co-celebrity (while we most of the know that this like was one-sided). The guy shyly connected hands that have Tony and really noticed wet when he was complimented because of the his beloved Tony. It absolutely was clear you to definitely Jimin try sense an attraction to Tony. Okay today i get some other member for the world. J-hope. I think Jimin enjoys realized J-pledge was homosexual which explains why it really seem attracted, because it is something they show. However, it’s become obvious that Jimin strives to have male desire and you will is normally declined as the he is very straight-send, boyant and you may loves to show-off his stomach incase he is able to in order to result in the fans shout. I believe, Jimin is the flirtiest and more than touchy-seems for the most other players. He could be together with demonstrably not bashful with respect to fanservice. Such as for example J-pledge, Jimin has a tendency to ignore the ladies idols until these include starting. There are many causes but In my opinion you have made the fresh area. Sorry females however in conclusion; entirely homosexual.

To conclude; bicurious otherwise bisexual and you will bending towards female

Tell me what you think! Sorry if i is actually rambling but I got a great deal to say inside the a preliminary area. Might you consent or disagree which have one?

I will disregard the typical homosexual man stereotype, however, I’m not utilizing it negatively right here therefore I’ll rating ahead with this particular. Simply speaking, J-vow was gay. No less than I believe. His very (although not when you look at the a detrimental way) enthusiastic characteristics best hookup bar Nashville and you can generally feminine dancing possess added us to faith that it. Us fangirls and you can fanboy have been managed to help you good forfeit hug between J-pledge and V a while ago hence provided me with certain tip how homosexual J-guarantee was. He indicated no feeling of hate and you may didn’t see at all troubled, In my opinion he actually liked they. In my opinion in the event the he had been upright however have experienced a satisfaction you to produced your go overboard his dread you stating things like “do not rush me!” Otherwise “Really don’t have to do which!” Instead he just got into on it. J-promise also can feel most close in person together with other users and you can I do believe he or she is delighted on truth fanservice can be acquired. J-hope plus is likely to sometimes skip ladies idols if they are doing otherwise interact their enjoyable. To conclude; gay.